When will I receive my Skybell and/or Amazon Products

These products will be delivered when KMT is scheduled to complete setup and orientation of your smart home.

Do I have to Activate my Smart Home

No. If you elect to NOT utilize the features included with your home, KMT Systems can still deliver the additional equipment such as Skybell and/or Amazon Products.

What is the cost when the builder package expires

KMT systems offers competitive rates starting at $17.95 per month for monthly service such as automation and security monitoring services.

Is Home Automation and Security the same thing

No. Home Automation is a technology solution that enables automating the bulk of electronic, electrical and technology based tasks within a home. It uses a combination of hardware and software technologies that enable control and management over appliances and devices with a home. Security Systems are typically monitored and provide response to burglar signals. Security devices also work in conjunction with the automation system to allow more events based on door sensors, etc.

Do I have to utilize KMT Systems for security

No but the automation controller installed in your home will only work with KMT Systems Security Options.  If you want to use another security company they will need to install a new security panel.

Is Wi-Fi Required

Yes, Some of the products included utilize wi-fi technologies to communicate.

What if my Wi-Fi signal is not sufficient

KMT Systems offers several products to enhance the Wi-Fi signal within your home. These are additional in cost and typically can be setup during your orientation by the technician.

Can Automation System be upgraded

Yes. There are many upgrades available. The controller utilizes Z-Wave and Wi-Fi technologies to communicate with smart devices within the home.

Do I have to purchase additional Automation or Security Upgrades from KMT Systems

To prevent from voiding warranty on system or additional devices, equipment should be purchased through KMT Systems.

How long is warranty

The products included in your package are warranted for one year. This does not include reconfiguring due to change in routers, internet provides, and mobile devices.  These types of issues will be billed per the agreement for service signed during the orientation appointment.

Will the system work if there is a power outage.

The devices that have batteries such as Control Panel, Door Lock and Security Sensors will still be operational during a power failure. The control panel will typically function for typically 12-24 hours but could be shorter based on the condition of the backup battery.

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